The Great Bath Feast party’s already started…

Greedy excitement is building at Great Bath Feast HQ as we begin to reveal details of a super-tasty programme packed with a diverse range of exciting events guaranteed to tantalise the tastebuds across the city this autumn.

There’s all manner of foodie fabulous adventures already in the mix at what’s set to be the most talked-about feasting hub the city has ever seen, and we’re busy curating a recipe that’s turning into a melting pot of wonderful flavours and lively personalities.

From gourmet feasts prepared by some of Bath’s top chefs to special deals courtesy of our generous-hearted gastropubs, walking tours around the city’s ancient hostelries to pop-up shops in thoroughly modern settings and wine tasting parties, it’s all going on. And everywhere we turn, all of the participants are keen to share their enthusiasm for fine food and drink with us – and, ultimately, you.

Hungry for more information? Keep up at the back!
We’ve recently published a flurry of confirmed listing events on our What’s On page to whet the appetite, including details of the fabulous Planeta Wine Tasting Dinner at the Abbey Hotel, two special birthday celebrations at Green Park Station Market, the Great Bath Feast Ambassador’s Dinner at the Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel, a very special Bath Comedy Festival presentation (Hardeep Singh Kohli: My Life Through Food) at one of Bath’s most unique venues and a whole raft of tasty, wallet-friendly deals on the Tenner Treat schedule.

See what we mean about diverse? Autumn in Bath is set to be optimally tasty.

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