Thoughtful Bread Company

Thoughtful bread

Duncan Glendinning of the award winning Bath bakery the Thoughtful Bread Company, talks about how they’ll be getting involved with the Great Bath Feast. Don’t miss the pop up tea room and sour dough workshops!

Mixing bowls at the ready!

Cake Bake

By Katie McGill, Fundraising Administrator at Bath Abbey We’re nearing the big day at Bath Abbey where people from all over Bath will be baking in aid of the Abbey’s Footprint project and two local… Read more »

Giant Veggies!


Guest blog from Ston Easton Park on their vegetable growing adventures. At Ston Easton Park our vegetable gardener, Dale Toten, has been challenging himself with the growing of giant vegetables including onions, garlic, marrow, and most excitingly… Read more »

Castle Farm Organic Produce

Castle Farm

Jo Edwards of Castle Farm in Midford speaks about the October harvest season and why she’s proud to be part of the Great Bath Feast 2014.