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6 ‘Must-do’ Foodie Experiences in Bath

The Great Bath Feast isn’t your only gateway to culinary delights and exciting flavours in the beautiful city of Bath. Not only is Bath home to a thriving foodie scene all year round, with new artisanal eateries and producers springing up across the city, it also plays host to a variety of hands-on, foodie experiences – from sourcing, to cooking, to tasting – that are a must for any Bath-bound lover of food.

Here is our round up of the top 6 food-centric activities in Bath to get your juices flowing…

1. Demuths Cookery School

DemuthsRun by vegan, vegetarian and organic cooking extraordinaire, Rachel Demuth, Demuths Cookery School specialises in providing relaxed, creative and wholesome cooking classes. Prepare for a very hands-on experience, whatever your skill level, and leave with a plethora of new skills, insight and inspiration for your home cooking.

Demuths’ range of more than 20 courses celebrates a world of cuisine, as well as specialist classes focusing on specific dietary requirements, such as Gluten Free and vegan. Each course covers 10 different dishes and, of course, you get to enjoy your creations at the end of a fun day of cooking.

Enjoy a 20 Minute Suppers class or Whisky and Indian Tapas Evening at Demuths Cookery School during the Great Bath Feast.

2. The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School

Bertinet Kitchen Cookery SchoolThis award-winning cookery school is owned and run by renowned French chef and owner of two very successful Bath bakeries, Richard Bertinet. The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School offers a fantastic range of fun and informal cooking classes, in addition to expert bread-making and bakery classes – Richard’s speciality – and specialist skills courses.

Courses range from French to Vietnamese cuisine, sugar work to patisserie skills, and are suitable for chefs of mixed-ability, including programmes for children and families running throughout the holiday. As with any self-respecting cookery school, you get the chance to enjoy the dishes throughout, and you may even be in for a rewarding tipple to round off the day.

Check out these exciting Great Bath Feast events at the Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School: cook As the Romans Do with Eleanora Galasso, or enjoy some Contemporary Irish Cooking with Clodagh McKenna.

3. Vale House Kitchen

Vale House Kitchen | Photo credit to Kirstie YoungSituated 8 miles from Bath in the picturesque village of Timsbury, Vale House Kitchen very much adopts a ‘from field to fork’ philosophy, offering classes in country skills, such as butchery, fishing and foraging, as well as cooking and baking. They pride themselves in catering for all abilities and only use the best local professionals to deliver their classes.

Taught in groups of only 8-10 people in their state-of-the-art kitchen, the classes are intimate and personal, so you can expect plenty of hands-on time, personal inspiration and of course, delicious food.

4. Savouring Bath

Savouring BathJennifer of Savouring Bath runs food and drink tours of Bath that are simply not to be missed. Her three tours, Food Heroes of Bath, Local Flavours and Historic Pubs and Craft Ales, celebrate all that makes Bath’s food and drink scene so special: its delicious range of local produce, unique offering of flavours and forward-thinking foodie residents.

Each tour lasts 2 or 3 hours and includes at least 10-15 tasty nibbles, swigs and tipples, as well as a bite-size serving of history and interesting insight into Bathonian culture.

Enjoy a special discounted Food Heroes of Bath tour during the Great Bath Feast, or book onto their Great Bath Feast exclusive After Work Drinks & Tasting Tour. Kids can also get involved with their Mini Market Tasting Tours for Kids.

5. Simi’s Kitchen

Simi's KitchenA trip to Simi’s kitchen is a truly unique and intimate experience. Originating from Azerbeijan, Simi offers bespoke culinary classes, specialising in Persian cooking. Being a lover of many international cuisines, she will also cater for special requests, including Greek, Italian and even English Afternoon Tea.

In smaller groups, you can enjoy a fully hands-on experience, working through the different stages of meal preparation with Simi’s guidance. Larger groups can enjoy watching Simi prepare them a delicious banquet with insight, hints and tips into best cooking practice and little tastes along the way. And you’re guaranteed to be day-dreaming of her delicious creations for months to come.

6. Lucknam Park Cookery School

Lucknam Park Cookery SchoolSet on the beautiful Lucknam Park estate 8 miles to the north-east of Bath, Lucknam Park Cookery School boasts state of the art kitchen facilities and over 20 culinary full and half-day courses to tempt your cravings. These innovative courses are led by Chef Ben Taylor, with a helping hand from the estate’s Michelin starred Executive Chef Hywel Jones.

Really feel the part as your don your Lucknam Park chef’s jacket and apron, and craft delicious grub with ingredients sourced from the Lucknam Park kitchen garden and herb garden. Courses range from bread to knife skills, Greek to all things sweet, and they even run a Saturday morning kids club.

Lucknam Park Cookery School are running a special discounted Cookery Demo for the Great Bath Feast, for just £10 including wine and canapes.

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